To prevent any dangers, help your candle last and to keep your candle looking good follow these simple steps (most of these steps are on the bottom of your candle)



  • Always burn the candle within sight and on a level surface.
  • Keep away from drafts, reach of children and pets.
  • Never light the candle near anything that could possibly catch fire, curtains etc.

    Burning Instructions:
  • Trim the wick to 0.6cm before burning, this can help prevent any smoke occurring.
  • When lighting your candle, try to have it burning for 1-3 hours but never more than 4 hours, this will help to keep your candle all one level rather than sunk in the middle, and you will also get the best fragrance throw with this time.
  • Let the candle wax melt right to the edges before you blow it out.
  • Keep your candle free of any foreign deposits inside the vessel such as matches, wick trimmings etc.
  • Keep your candle out of direct sunlight to prevent natural discolouration of the wax.
When you have finished with your candle - don't throw it out! Clean/wipe the inside gently (avoid scratching off the thin layer of paint on the inside) and re-use your vessel for make-up brushes, jewellery, succulents or even in the bathroom for your tooth brush.