Grape - Lip Balm



Made with all the right things to keep your pout nourished all year round. Our blend is made with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil to moisturise your lips and finger tips with added beeswax to lock in moisture for longer. Simply apply a small amount and that's it. Our blend will not leave your lips with that over gloss look which makes it perfect for over lipsticks. A little goes a very long way. 

This is our only non-vegan product as it contains locally sourced beeswax to hold the balm together. All of our other products however are vegan friendly! And of course, everything is cruelty free.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, beeswax, flavour oil and cocoa butter, grape flavour oil. 

Phthalate Free. None of our flavourings contain any gluten, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde releasing agents. The flavouring oils are created using distilled, fractionated coconut oil as their solvent.

15ml twist top pot - perfect for your pocket!

**we are currently phasing out of using beeswax as it is our only non-vegan ingredient that we use, once all of our beeswax is gone, we will not be purchasing more and will be re-formulating our beautiful lip balm to a vegan-friendly lip balm, hooray!

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