Trio Candle Combo

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Perfect for sorting out Christmas gifting or treating your loved ones.

Choose 3 of our Husky Candles with the following scents & add these to the note box at the checkout or email us after purchasing.
Hazelnut & Vanilla
Vanilla Bean
Cactus Blossom
Wild Peony
Coconut & Lime
Fig & Melon 
Milk Chocolate
Avocado & Mint
Exotic Woods
Sugar Plum
Black Raspberry & Vanilla
Green Tea & Jasmine 
French Pear
Banana Berry
Frosted Pine
Cinnamon & Vanilla
Ginger Cookie
Mango & Papaya
Lotus Blossom
Internal diameter 82mm
Height 80mm
Volume 230 grams
40+ hours burning time

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